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Hybrid Systems

Sun as a source of power is variable by virtue of its nature. The most important aspects of an SPV system is to be cost effective and to have the right system autonomy to provide reliable power even during periods of adverse weather, seasonally low radiation values or unpredicted increased demand for power.

The addition of autonomy in stand-alone PV system could be accomplished by over sizing the PV array and by over sizing the battery storage bank respectively. But this option is expensive.

Instead, an optimal Hybrid system is designed by integrating the PV system with Grid Power, Diesel Generator (DG), Wind Turbine, Thermal Power, Petroleum-Fueled or even Hydrogen Power. The need for excess power and built-in system autonomy is reduced by this kind of integration. These systems are normally referred to as hybrid systems. The hybrid of PV system can be with any one source of power or all the above mentioned sources.

We offer optimum hybrid system design depending on the location and power loads available at the site for your specific requirements.

Advantage of Wind Solar Hybrid

Both Solar & Wind power are used in remote areas for charging a battery and delivery of grid quality electricity through large capacity sine wave inverters. In areas where wind speeds are above 5.4 m/s, our 1 Kw wind turbine will deliver more than 5Kwh of energy everyday as against maximum 4 Kwh delivered by 1 Kw solar panel. Our 3.2 KW Whisper 500 wind turbine delivers 16 KWH of energy per day at 5.4 m/s annual wind speed average. When the wind speed is above 6.3 m/s average, our 1 Kw wind turbine delivers 8 Kwh of energy/day. Wind turbines are less expensive than solar panels of the same capacity. Therefore, in places where wind speeds are above 5 m/s it is advisable to use a combination of wind and solar power for optimum investment & maximum output. It is also to be noted that wind power and solar power complement each other. During monsoon months solar power generation is reduced to a large extent due to cloudy skies, during the same period, the wind speeds are much higher than rest of the year. During monsoon, wind turbines generate extra power to compensate for the loss of solar power.

Our Products

AIR X Land (400 W)

The AIR X is the most popular small (battery charging ) wind turbine in the world (more than 12000 units are sold every year).

Solar Study Lamps

Solar Study Lamp (SSL) is designed & developed in India by M/S RMS Energy Pvt Limited. The product is highly efficient LED based lamp including inbuilt powerful 2200 mAh Li-Ion battery and separate 2W solar panel. The

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