Solar Power Systems

Stand Alone Systems

The unavailability of solar radiation during inclement weather and night-hours makes it difficult to generate and supply power at such times. This mismatch between the electrical load and the electricity produced needs to be balanced, and the power supplied as per the application requirement (DC Load or AC Load), by using an energy storage device like deep cycle batteries. The system designed for this kind of application is defined as an "Off-Grid" or a "Stand-alone" system.

Our systems in this category can be used for residential, commercial and office buildings, malls, hospitals, rural home lighting kits, street lighting, schools, and a host of other applications.

Grid Connect Systems

Our Grid-Connect Systems are ideal for building roof-tops, malls, SEZs, offices, etc. which rely a lot on back-up with Diesel Generators. Instead of storing solar power in batteries and then using it at night time, the same power can be directly fed into the building level grid (or back-up power supply) with the help of a reliable grid-tied inverter which synchronizes with the power network.

These systems are not only much more cost-effective, they are also user friendly and require almost negligible maintenance for the product life of more that 20 years. And clubbed with the fiscal benefits available in terms of accelerated depreciation, you can achieve break-even on your investments in a quick time and after that enjoy almost free power for life.

Solar Solutions

• Cooking Solutions

• Desalination System

• Drying System

• Solar Home Lighting System

• Solar Lantern

• Solar Street Lighting System

• Solar Transport System

• Solar Water Heater

• Village Electrification

• Water Pumping System

Our Products

AIR X Land (400 W)

The AIR X is the most popular small (battery charging ) wind turbine in the world (more than 12000 units are sold every year).

Solar Study Lamps

Solar Study Lamp (SSL) is designed & developed in India by M/S RMS Energy Pvt Limited. The product is highly efficient LED based lamp including inbuilt powerful 2200 mAh Li-Ion battery and separate 2W solar panel. The

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