Solar Water Heaters

You will have hot water when you need it, have no recurring cost of electricity, years of trouble free use and the assurance of a great service backup. In other words, total peace of mind! What's more, you will be helping the environment.

It is an equipment to heat Water using solar energy. It does not produce electricity but carries heat energy. Jain We supply, install and commission systems to satisfy your hot water needs. It is ideal for domestic use.

Benefits : Negligible maintenance, daily water heating expenses almost nil, conserves precious natural resources, exemption from octroi & excise duty, 80% depreciation for commercial use.
Features :Saves energy & environment, easy to install & maintain, no fear of shock/ accidents, long life, huge savings.
Uses :Bungalows, Apartments, Guest Houses, Lodges, Hotels, Hospitals, Heath Clubs, Dairies, and wherever & whenever you need hot water.
Models : Evacuated tube collector system is for non pressurized application. Available in 100 to 500 LPD. Higher capacity systems are available on request.

Evacuated tube collector
This is heart of the solar system. Evacuated tubes are made up of borosilicate glass coated with AL-N/AL using sputtering technique. This is worlds latest innovative technique of black coating to achieve highest efficiency.
Insulated Hot Water Tank
Stainless Steel hot water tank with outer cladding of G.I. precoated sheet, insulated with 40 mm thick PUF insulation. This ensures least overnight temperature drop.
Mounting Racks
Generally, mounting racks are designed for flat roof. This rack is assembled by SS. Fasteners at site using L-shaped pre-fabricated & powder coated steel sections.
How about rainy season?
Solar Water heater is designed for year round performance. It needs about 7 hours of normal solar radiation for desired performance. As an auxiliary support, electric heater is fitted when hot water availability is not as expected.

Our Products

AIR X Land (400 W)

The AIR X is the most popular small (battery charging ) wind turbine in the world (more than 12000 units are sold every year).

Solar Study Lamps

Solar Study Lamp (SSL) is designed & developed in India by M/S RMS Energy Pvt Limited. The product is highly efficient LED based lamp including inbuilt powerful 2200 mAh Li-Ion battery and separate 2W solar panel. The

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