Solar Thermal Energy

The recent realization of utilizing sun rays to generate thermal energy has been overwhelming. The process offers multiple alternatives to use solar energy to generate thermal systems.

RMS Energy has pioneered in installing solar thermal energy systems.

We can offer various applications based on Solar Concentrators like:

• Solar Cooking Applications

•Steam Cooking

•Direct Cooking,

•Small Cookers for Family

•Solar Power Plants

•Solar Air-Conditioning

•Space Heating Systems

•Large Scale Drinking Water Systems

•Solar Hot Water of up to 90 0C

•Solar Water / Milk Pasteurization and many more...

Specialized in solar thermal technology RMS Energy is able to provide innovative and cost effective energy solutions for various applications on turnkey basis.

Our Products

AIR X Land (400 W)

The AIR X is the most popular small (battery charging ) wind turbine in the world (more than 12000 units are sold every year).

Solar Study Lamps

Solar Study Lamp (SSL) is designed & developed in India by M/S RMS Energy Pvt Limited. The product is highly efficient LED based lamp including inbuilt powerful 2200 mAh Li-Ion battery and separate 2W solar panel. The

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